What Makes Us Different

We are a network of life science and healthcare specialists whose goal is to become trusted members of your team. Unlike some communications firms, we take the time to develop a customized program for each client. After quickly learning exactly what you hope to accomplish, we will develop a program that aligns your communications activities with corporate objectives. We are pros at helping clients clarify the most appropriate strategic positioning for their organization, and believe it is critical to develop and use key messages that reflect this positioning throughout all communications.

Integrated Communications

Our clients' communications programs may be focused in one specific area, such as media relations, or may involve integrating a full spectrum of communications disciplines including investor relations, media relations, marketing communications and graphic design. In every case, the programs we develop ensure alignment with the company's business strategy and the individual activities are designed to complement each other and work together to achieve all your communications goals.

Industry Knowledge

We understand how the FDA and other regulatory agencies work, and can translate highly technical, complex science into content and materials that are compelling to trade and consumer media, investors, patients, customers, partners and other key stakeholders. This specialized skill sets us apart from other communications firms. Another key strength is the relationships we have built throughout the industry. After years of collaborating with science and healthcare reporters, industry thought leaders and members of the investment community, we have built strong, longstanding relationships which lead to fair and plentiful visibility for our clients. We work hard to stay on top of the industry's rapidly changing environment, and when appropriate adopt new approaches to gain visibility for our clients, such as the growing trend of using social media platforms.


We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to accomplish your goals, rapidly and efficiently. Our broad network of professionals ensures scalability to meet all client needs and budgets, and we cover both the East and West coasts in the United States as well as Europe. So try us no project is too large, too small, or too difficult. We hope to hear from you soon!
Broad industry knowledge and the flexibility and ability to integrate a variety of communications disciplines set us apart from other firms.
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